What NOT to do as a recruiter

Recruiters are savvy salespeople under extreme pressure to hit numbers.

We work to live not live to work but its essential  maintain professional integrity.

When I was recruiting its hard to picture what its like being on the other side of the desk,i.e being the candidate.

How do people perceive the industry?The feedback is not always positive especially when looking for work  I found some Agencies to be dismissive and unresponsive. 



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Here are our what NOT to do’s in recruitment:

1. Undervalue Candidate experience:

You need to fill roles as quick as possible in order to keep up with the competition and your targets. Its easy to ignore your candidate's experience unintentionally. For example when registering candidates it’s easy to make promises that you cannot keep. This is often due to  the level of work you need to manage.

My advice is to be realistic and update with them weekly if possible. Set 30 minutes a week outside of your core sales time to call your live applicants and update with them. As we have said in previous blogs this will be appreciated by your applicants. Additiionally  this provides  leads ,as your candidates' will be interviewing elsewhere.How would you feel if you went to the effort of meeting with an agency or spent time preparing an online application and your time was not appreciated?

2. Be honest

 As much as recruitment is a sales job you need to adopt a consultative approach.Listen to your candidates and clients and don't make promises you cannot keep.

3. Don’t Rush

I know how busy the job is, but its imperative you do not rush a registration or interview prep. We all know the saying "fail to prepare , prepare to fail". Spend time with your candidates and clients and make note of their expectations NOT yours. Its worth taking an hour out of your day to prepare your candidate for an interview never assume they will have the same amount of undisturbed time.Give them an interview pack which typically consists of a copy of the CV you sent,the job spec, directions, company profile and general interview advice.

4. Text don’t stalk

Technical staff are in demand and as soon as we see such talent,instinctively we reach for the phone. WAIT what time is it? Be conscious that your candidates' may be working or in this example in the middle of coding. Nothing is more irritating than being interrupted. Drop them a call before 9 or after 6. If you cannot get through ping them a text or email. It’s easier to reply to a text then it is to pick up a phone call.Your candidates' will thank you for your considerate approach.

Let us know any other activity that should be avoided by a Recruiter.

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