Tried & Tested Sales Recruiter Habits

In an economic recovery  the need for new business is key. This is achieved by a great brand, but an excellent team champions success. Sales recruiters will bill due to an urgent need for the above!

Research has suggested that good salespeople are hard to find.

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Below are some tips that will maximise results:

1. Always Be Recruiting

On a daily basis, in and outside of work you will interact with sales talent. I have met people who are naturally convincing yet professional. These are the candidates that will add value to your client’s. In an article published on John Hoskins  “borrowed from David Mamet’s 1984 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play,Glengarry Glen Ross. In the movie version, Alec Baldwin plays sales leader Blake who chides his team with the mantra, “ABC: Always Be Closing.” offers a similar mantra, “ABR: Always Be Recruiting.”


 2. Whats next…

A good salesperson will spend a vast amount of time pipelining. Always be thinking about your next placement. For example, your candidates will have friends in the industry. When registering applicants  ask for coworker’s details as references. This will give you an insight into how they work within a team and will broaden your network.  Be clever how you ask for this detail. You don't want to dilute the worth your registered candidate. Remember when you place a candidate, his/her old job will be vacant, win win!


3. Manage your clients and be organised

Sales Managers are extremely busy and are naturally concerned with meeting company targets. As a recruiter you are dealing with an unreliable commodity “people”. The pool of available talent will vary and the reliability of candidates may shift due to unforeseen circumstances. Talk to your client candidly when you get the job on. Agree suitable times that you can connect with him/her. Emphasise to your candidate that their window of representation is limited. Sales people are used to working to deadlines and adding urgency to the role will motivate all.


4.Create Reports and Update

Keep a database of quality salespeople and update this on weekly basis. You will be in control of your pipeline and will gain an expert understanding of the industry.

All of the above will contribute to the growth of your desk.


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