Social Media Tips For Recruiters

Unless you are living in 18th century you will know that Social media is the best way to interact with both Client’s and Candidate’s.

We have segmented this piece by platform.

social media tips for recruiters








1. Blog

As we all know the Internet is the first point of call for consumers, in our case Client’s and Candidate’s. Google will organically index your site based on fresh and unique content. A blog is the ideal tool to enable this. A good piece will engage your target audience and provide an additional platform to start conversations.

When writing your blog talk about issues that have a direct impact on your desired consumers. Industry news and recruitment tips will increase your brand position.



Set up a company branded twitter page. This is yet another channel to advertise your roles and share content. Its important to engage with your followers as your efforts will be redundant if you do not. You can use twitter to post live vacancies, but its integral to include traceable urls. This means you can look at the traffic that your content is providing to provide insight into your business. Hash tags are vital. These will encourage a wider reach based on current trends. For example using #job fairy, #financial #recruitment will create more of an impact than simply tweeting “new financial assistant role available.


3. Facebook

Facebook is amongst the top 10 most used websites. This is the ideal platform for you to interact with your target audiences. Firstly set up a branded Company Group. In order to build up your fan base quickly, target ex employees. Promote the group by asking current employees to advocate the group with former employees and candidates. You will see your following expand. Social Media is infectious! The key to using Facebook to recruit is to connect with candidates or client’s by sharing your content will enable you  to spread your message quickly.


4. Google +

Google+ is Google’s version of Facebook, in addition to providing a platform to interact it boosts your website’s ranking. It is important that your staff become active Google+ users. This will increase followers and expand circles. As a your company’s Google+ network grows, so will your business’s visibility online. This is a relatively new platform so membership is developing but the SEO rewards are worth the effort. At the end of the day you want the first point of call to be your branded website.

We would be very interested in hearing what social networks are working for you. To get in touch follow us on twitter @intalex_com.



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