Recruiting Global Talent paramount to battle Skill Shortages

As the global jobs market sees a shortage of skills in various sectors worldwide it is becoming quite apparent that it is paramount to break down the borders of recruiting and to recruit global talent in order to shrink the increasingly worrying talent shortage that the global job market is currently facing.


The demand for workers is already more pronounced in emerging markets thanks to continued brisk growth in most of these economies. The most dramatic jump in demand, according to survey respondents, will be in emerging Asia, where the need for new employees will rise 22%. Other emerging markets that will see above average growth in demand are Latin America (13%), Middle East/Africa (13%) and Eastern Europe (10%).” Global Talent 2021

Employers that are finding it difficult to source local talent to suit their jobs roles have experienced the following:

  • Increased competition for talent
  • Slow and painful recruitment process
  • Time to hire is a lengthy period
  • Looking for new recruitment methods
  • Expensive recruitment methods
  • Hiring under qualified candidates
  • Talent mismatch

Employers and recruiters must realize in order to combat these difficulties they must look for candidates in a larger pool of talent. This means that they must break down the borders or recruiting. As one region of the world may be skill rich in a sector another region may have a shortfall of this skill.

However it’s not all bad news, with the advancement in technology and the change of economic powers this has allowed the breakdown of geographical borders and encouraged the development of the global worker. This is where the emergent of the global worker is a great development for the future of recruitment.

Now, candidates are more willing to move abroad to work, and see it as less of a challenge than it would have been in previous years. The emergence of generation Y confirms this, this new generation of candidates now see it as a right of passage to work abroad and accept the idea of being a global worker.

Tim Smeaton, Hydrogen Group CEO, said: "We now have a worldwide talent pool to draw candidates from. As we emerge from the recession, the war for global talent will only intensify and clients will need to think clearly about how they will attract the best talent."

As employers and recruiters are finding it difficult to source candidates locally this has resulted in a talent shortage, candidates are now more willing to move abroad to work this now leaves the conclusion that employers and recruiters must recruit for these international candidates in order to resolve their talent shortage.

The demand for skilled candidates in one region can we supplied with the skill rich global talent from another. This leaves the question as to how exactly these global candidates can be recruited for from half way across the world? We need to bridge the gap, where we can see the demand and the supply meet at the equilibrium point.

This is where Intalex can change the future for recruitment and how we recruit. Intalex is a global trading platform that enables employers to trade with recruitment companies, creating efficiencies, reducing risk, reducing cost and improving time to hire. Intalex offers a sophisticated trading platform that affords ease of use and simplicity for all users.

"Talent Exchanges on the web are starting to transform the world of work" - The Economist, June 2013

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