Global Recruiting the way of the Future, but how do I Combat the Barriers?

It has now become quite apparent to most of the world that we are suffering from skills shortages and lack of available skilled workers worldwide. If it hasn't occurred to you yet, well now you know.

Recruiters worldwide are facing the challenge of finding the right candidate to fit with the open job vacancy they have on their books. Multinational organisations are now training and moving staff from one region to another where they are facing skill shortages.

The globe

Global recruiting is quite clearly on the rise worldwide and has become very popular in the recruiting and HR world. With the emergence of the global worker, advancements in communication technology and the global recession, this has influenced the recruitment world to expand their boundaries for the search of the right candidates.

However, although it has now become accepted in recent times to recruit globally and we are slowly adopting this new concept this does not mean that this is the be all and end all of recruitment. You will still encounter barriers and difficulties with global recruiting as you would with the traditional recruitment process.

The following are some difficulties that you may face:

  • Lack of knowledge of the region that you are recruiting in, this may cause you great difficulty. Different cultures and countries will have diverse methods of recruiting than your own. Irish recruitment methods may not necessarily work in the US and visa versa.
  • Having access to networks that would connect you to international talent is important, if you have no route to contact or point of access with foreign candidates then you will fall short in your task to recruiting globally.
  • You will more than likely have to step outside of your recruiter comfort zone or norms of traditional recruitment and will have to change your mindset and adopt a global recruitment mindset.
  • Language barrier, quite an obvious obstacle but also and important one. If you can't communicate with the candidates that you're looking for well this will definitely stifle your recruitment process abroad.
  • If you have found a candidate of interest always ensure that the information that the candidate tells you about themselves is legitimate, the last thing you need going through the process of globally recruiting to find that the candidate hasn't the skills they claimed they had.


While recruiting on an international basis may be essential to fill your company's or your clients hiring needs it can also be a lengthy and strenuous one. Avoid these barriers by finding a recruitment agent to split fee with in the company you wish to find candidates in.

Part of the reason we exist is to alleviate the pressure that comes with these barriers. Our process is simple and it is the fundamental track of most companies. It is a centralised platform where you can manage your entire hiring process in one place while decreasing the time it takes to hire and reducing your recruiting costs drastically.

We're interested to learn about any barriers you may have faced recruiting globally or challenges that you overcame? Please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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