Generation X Vs. Generation Y - Intergenerational Workplaces & the Challenges Within

Age-gap vendettas have been tangling up workplaces ever since the invention of the office cubicle. Those young whippersnappers coming in fresh out of college with no experience and thinking they know everything are wrecking the company, right? I bet you've probably heard that one before, no matter what age you are.

X + Y = ?

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There's been a lot around about Generation Y, those spoiled, lazy brats, and we have some things to say about that. First off, Generation X: stop being so mean to Y. Unless you haven't noticed, the Yers are hovering around their 30s now and aren't babies anymore. However ... Y, seriously, at least just listen to some of the conventional wisdom that Gen X is always imparting in the moments before you turn your Spotify up. With Generation X'ers retiring from the workplace, you need to learn from their experiences before it's too late.


Bad things happen when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force. It's a given.

There's too many examples of this, so here's just one: Gen Yer is late again because they don't really get why they need to be at work the same time every day when everyone is technologically hyper-connected. Gen Xer is a stickler for working hours and gives out, branding Gen Yer as lazy and uncommitted.


How can the modern workplace evolve to bridge this generation gap before a flamewar apocalypse? Be softer - feedback is good. A bit of honest but level communication never goes astray. If your colleague is doing something that you just can't understand, ask why. It's that simple. t's true, we're hyper-connected. People are addicted to their smartphones. Apps are overthrowing the internet. It's code chaos out there and it's great. If you're a technophobe, it's time to put those fingers in the cyberspace and try out a gadget or an app that you think might actually be useful. Respect, respect, respect. So your older colleague doesn't have a personal email address. So your younger colleague doesn't know what the term 'COB' means. So what. Generation X people have spent years in the workforce wresting every ounce of pride and peer-respect that they have from their elders and Generation Y'ers should be sensitive to that. We'd go a step further and argue that people should respect each other no matter when they were born, but this is a recruitment blog not a self-help forum.


Having opposing views doesn't have to be a barrier in offices. Companies should strive to take the best of both generations. After all, these titans both have the Millennials to watch out for.

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