Fail To Prepare,Prepare To Fail....


Recruitment roles may vary in terms or speciality but you can predict daily tasks.

 Your biggest challenge as a recruiter is managing your schedule to accomplish things without interruption.

Dare to dream ………

recruiter tips

 Everyday your time-management, planning and organizational skills are tested.

 In order to shy away from a professional rut tips given  by David Szary, founder and CEO of Lean Human Capital focuses on planning and how this can lead to a perfect week or day.

 Plan each week on a Friday. On your plan jot down all activities you want to accomplish.

Organise your tasks by revenue and non-revenue generating activity.

What I mean by revenue generating is billable work i.e. placements. Non-revenue activities include tasks that support billable work.  Examples include internal reports and meetings, company training and administration.

 When planning out your week split your tasks into billable ad non-billable work. On a Friday summarise each weeks billiable results. For example:

  • 3 temp roles with ABC Ltd(an existing client)  2 CV’s sent immediately but had to advertise for the 3rd role.
  • New business with XYZ Ltd, for 2 perm senior candidates. Could lead to further perm roles as they are expanding their global operations. HOT JOB  2 CV 's sent agreed to send 3 more on Monday. 


With above your plan for the following week will be easily drafted and should be done either last thing Friday or first thing Monday:

An example of a daily plan could be:

  •  08.00am-09.00: check emails and review weekend applications for the ABC Ltd and XYZ Ltd roles. BILLABLE
  •  09.00-09.30: Engage with the applicants that fit your client’s roles and arrange registrations based on your understanding of what the client is looking for. BILLABLE
  •  09.30-12.00: Business development (this may include sourcing if you are job heavy so flexibility is key). BILLABLE
  •  12.00-13.00: Respond to emails/draft a blog article  & lunch NON-BILLABLE (unless networking)
  •  13.00-15.00: Candidate registrations/interview preps and submit candidates for live roles. BILLABLE
  •  15:00-17.00:Follow up applications sent and set up interviews. Use this time to upsell any additional talent your advertising has produced. BILLABLE
  •  17.00-18.00: Advertise new roles and confirm interviews with candidates for the next day /general admin. BILLABLE & NON-BILLABLE 

 As you can see each day should be focused on revenue driving activity.  This timetable is based on achieving targets.This structure will vary but if you plan each day in advance and note down on a Friday a summary of your week you will feel more organised and be able to work effectively. 


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