Beat The Monday Blues

It’s Monday and the alarm clock is still ringing in my ears. Where did the weekend go?

The way I see it,this is the start of my best week.  I don’t mean to sound like one of those irritating motivational speakers who enforce positivity at 5am,but rather here is my advice to starting the week on a high.

Recruitment like any profession is full of ups and downs. The corporate rollercoaster can deflate the most motivated salesperson, especially on a Monday!

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Here is our guide to keeping the RR (Recruitment Rut) at bay:

1. Take A Break:

You get what you put into a job. Its important to appreciate that the demands of recruiter make it easy to burn out. Especially when the fruits of your labour dont always materialise.

When you feel demotivated take a break. A change of scenery will invigorate you and will help you to rearrange your thoughts. There are many ways  to get you away from your desk and gain you a little perspective. . Once you’ve taken a few minutes for yourself, take a fresh look at your live vacancies. You will have a new perspective. This will enable you to stratergise and find that perfect candidate.

2. Stay Positive:

Recruitment is a dynamic environment but can be extremely stressful. It’s essential to remain positive. Its a highly competitive business, you have to be the first recruiter to call the client and the fastest to source the perfect candidate. It’s all about delivery. In the current climate you are likely to hear that the job is a “nightmare fill” or “I cannot find the right candidate, the client wants a one legged astronaut...”When you hear complaints like this remove yourself from the negativity ASAP. Think about the positives such as what do you know about the vacancy that your competition do not? Do you have access to the Manager and if not how can you? How can you utilise the extra details you got from your client visit? Is this vacancy similar to previous jobs you have filled?  How can you engage? In the world of recruiting you have to look at each vacancy as new opportunity to market yourself and make money. Being negative will hinder your creativity and  prevent you from being successful.


3. Be realistic:

We are all aware of the importance of revitalising and remaining optimistic. Whilst positivity is integral to success, so is realism! Time is money; if you are recycling candidates whom you have not  previously shortlisted you need to rethink your sourcing techniques. If you have put in 150% effort and you are still sure its an impossible fill than maybe its time to trust your own instinct and move on. Your time is better spent on roles you will get a return on.

If you adopt the above three approaches next Monday won't be so  bad. Have a good week.


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