A Gift for Recruiters and Agencies from Intalex

As a tech start up company no two days are ever the same, we are at an exciting period where decisions can be made quickly, we can pop out of anywhere, we're going to all the events, gathering up emails and the business cards and banging the phones trying to tell people what’s so good about us anyway.

A picture of a gift

It’s working. Today we made a big decision and we are all delighted to share it with you, we are making Intalex free for our agency & recruiter members until you make your first placement. We’ve plenty of reasons to shout about ourselves but in summary we are the only International Talent Exchange around that brings employers and recruiters together on a closed private network.

We are a single point access to an aggregated supply chain of actively seeking candidates and highly sought after jobs. Sign up fees will be suspended until you make your first placement on the system whether it is a full fee or split fee.  

No placement, no fee.

You can find out more about intalex and the benefits to recruiters and agencies here:

There are other benefits including,

  • A reduced time to hire.
  • Reduced cost of hire, control of the fee is in the hands of the recruiter through our negotiation platform. Make sure you are paid well for your high value candidates.
  • Intalex can get you around the PSL of large companies.

Working in Intalex is great, it’s very exciting we celebrate every sign up and milestone because it’s a positive sign that things are working out really well, we don’t want customers, we want partners, we want fans. Not only that we want to keep fans and give them something to scream about.

Ultimately we are a small company that is trying to become a big company and solve the big problem of talent mismatches and skills shortages but we need to prove it to the people we want to get screaming about us. As the drivers of activity you will be spending a lot more time on the network than your employer counterparts and thus we want you to know that we want Intalex to work for you.

There are two options to get you started,

You can sign up to Intalex and trade jobs and candidates in split and full fee arrangements as an agency member.

Sign up and trade candidates in split and full fee arrangements as an independent recruiter member.

Chat to one of the sales team if you have questions, call +353 1 400 4400.

Go forth, find talented people jobs and make lots and lots of money,

All the best,


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